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(Accessible from the Guarini Library Home Page http://www.njcu.edu/guarini/
Click on Databases by Title , Scroll Down to KCDL and click either campus/ off campus depending on your location.)
The KCDL online covers curricula, frameworks, and standards brings together educational objectives, content, instructional strategies, and evaluative techniques for all subjects covered in PreK-12 and Adult Basic Education.
New Content and Updates:The following materials have been added to the collection, including documents from:
· National Aquarium in Baltimore (MD) – Traveling Outreach Programs (Adaptations; Ocean Theme Day; Salinity Lab; Slither, Slide, Creep and Crawl; Squid Lab; Trash in a Marsh; Waterman’s Lab); Behind the Scenes (9-12); Boneless Bunch (1-3); Chesapeake Bay Explorations (4-6); Field Trip Guides (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12); Hermit Crab and Whelk Animal Interview (PreK-K); Horseshoe Crab Animal Interview (PreK-K); Phylum Lab (9-12); Sharks (1-3)

· National Institutes of Health-Office of Science Education (MD) – Doing Science-The Process of Scientific Inquiry; Looking Good, Feeling Good-From the Inside Out. Exploring Bone, Muscle, and Skin; The Brain-Our Sense of Self; The Science of Energy Balance-Caloric Intake and Physical Activity; The Science of Mental Illness; Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology

· National Parks of New York Harbor Education Center – Sentinels of Our Shores Teacher Guide

· The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (CO) - More Activity Ideas for Schools; Teachers’ Corner - Shared Ideas; Teacher’s Guide; Your High School Kindness Ideas; Lesson Plans for: Arts & Crafts, Elementary School, K-12, Middle School, Reading / Writing, Service Learning

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